There, the Lemurian Master Hakurei repaired Yato's Cloth with Yuzuriha's blood. Further motivation comes from a degenerative heart disease which shortens his life, which has been treated by Dégel using his freezing ability to stabilize Kardia's heart temperature. Determined to never forsake his loyalty to his lord, and to punish Pandora for her slandering of the Wyvern Specter, Valentine retaliates with his Sweet Chocolate (スウィートショコラーテ, Suwīto Shokorāte) technique, listed in the Saint Seiya Encyclopedia, but never revealed by Masami Kurumada, which summons the spirits of the harpies, to absorb the lifeforce of the victim. The one behind the hideous illusions and creatures that roamed the forest in which Tenma, Yato and Yuzuriha had entered, he was introduced as an androgynous nun reciting Psalm 23 in a church. He does not consider Sasha as a good goddess as she is the sister of Alone and he has thought of betraying and killing her. Age: 15, Alone (アローン, Arōn) is a young painter whose body is chosen as the vessel for Hades (冥王ハーデス, Meiō Hādesu), the god of the Underworld and Athena's eternal nemesis. Reminiscing about their encounter in Jamir, Cheshire prepares to engage Tenma in battle, which never comes to pass as the groups separate. Bitte wechsele die Sprache zum Anschauen. Dégel is infuriated and freezes all the corals, then he uses Diamond Dust (ダイヤモンドダスト, Daiyamondo Dasuto? Valentine finally succumbs, as he desired, being a Specter until the very end. Nevertheless, he is the one who kills the Taurus Saint, albeit he is slain soon after by the Titan's Nova. During the sailing, he tricks Sasha by asking her hair as payment to the crossing, with which he sealed her powers as Athena. The Specter physically resembles Pisces Lugonis, Albafica's master, as the latter was Luco's older brother. Heavenly Ugly Star, Deadly Beetle Stand (天醜星デッドリービートルのスタンド, Tenshūsei Deddorī Bītoru no Sutando) is probably the biggest Specter, a towering giant twice the size of Unicorn Yato, he fought him briefly inside Yomotsu Hirasaka, but was unable to defeat him when the Saint was called back into the world of the living. Albafica uses three types of roses with different offensive abilities, his Royal Demon Rose (ロイヤルデモンローズ, Roiyaru Demon Rōzu), the red rose, also spelled alternatively in kanji as Demon Rose (魔宮薔薇(デモンローズ), Demon Rōzu) in Anecdotes, damages the opponents by destroying their senses, the Piranhan Rose (ピラニアンローズ, Piranian Rōzu), a black rose, is a directly offensive rose that devours everything upon contact and the Bloody Rose (ブラッディローズ, Buraddi Rōzu), a white rose, drains the blood of the victim to death and can also detect and follow the enemy's heart wherever it may be. Later, Kardia joins Aquarius Dégel in his mission to Siberia to enlist the aid of the Blue Warriors in the war against Hades. He is however defeated by a combined effort between Sisyphos' arrow and El Cid's self-sacrifice. However, Unity tries to manipulate Dégel's movements with his coral in order to break Athena's seal and free Poseidon. Later, the gods of Dream appear and El Cid attacks one of them, Icelos. After a ferocious battle that made Shion confront his past sins and encounter the Saints of the past in the eternal torment of Cocytus, the Aries Gold Saint managed to use a technique that he learned empirically from his master, the Praesepe Returning Spirits Wave (積尸気転霊波, Sekishiki Tenryō-ha), thus obliterating René. He has become one with that boat and his sacrifice ignite that to finally ascend to sky, giving encouragement to Unicorn Yato in order to pilot and control the sacred ship. A character only found in Lost Canvas, Tokusa (トクサ, Tokusa) is Silver Saint Crane Yuzuriha's younger brother. At first he rejects his fate as the god of the Underworld, but is later convinced by Hypnos, and sealed by Pandora's kiss. As the Pope turned his back to avoid the scene, Aspros prepared to kill him, only to be stopped by Virgo Asmita. She finds Tenma's dying body and Unicorn Yato who tried to attack her as he thought she was an enemy. He held the Specter Frog Zelos as a prisoner in his temple. Four more unidentified Silver Saints were found lying dead by Libra Dohko as he was on his way to aid the Taurus Saint in his fight against Bennu Kagaho. Cancer Manigoldo (蟹座(キャンサー)のマニゴルド, Kyansā no Manigorudo) is the Gold Saint of Cancer and disciple of the previous Cancer Gold Saint, Sage. During the series Manigoldo encounters Thanatos, a feat which proves too much and has him almost killed. However, she stops mid-blow and starts crying. In a final assault, the Sagittarius Gold Saint managed to help Leo Regulus and Aries Shion to perform the technique forbidden since ancient times, Athena Exclamation (アテナエクスクラメーション, Atena Ekusukuramēshon), that allows three Gold Saints to provide a monstrous amount of Cosmo capable of reaching a Big Bang in a small scale, releasing it as a single and outstanding blow, destroying the gates of the Lost Canvas. Unicorn Yato (一角獣星座(ユニコーン)の耶人, Yunikōn no Yato) is the name of the Unicorn Saint living in the 18th Century. Shiori Teshirogi mentions that drawing the Gold Saints is one of her favorite parts in the manga as they are her favorite characters of the series. Heavenly Beast Star, Sphinx Pharaoh (天獣星スフィンクスのファラオ, Tenjūsei Sufinkusu no Farao) is the Gate Keeper of Lost Canvas. Having inflicted his final attack on the Specter, and fulfilled his destiny as a Saint, Regulus rejoins his father in the afterlife. Pandora is later shocked momentarily by the memories Athena caused to flood her by reaching into her heart. Yōma also reveals that Hades' soul was born from Pandora's mother during a snowy night, and that he ran away that night to escape the twin gods and find Hades' chosen vessel, by disguising himself as a priest. Rhadamanthys is then challenged by Aquarius Dégel, furious for revenge of his dead friend. Being a Saint who uses freezing attacks, Dégel needs to concentrate as the basis of his combat style lies in stopping the movement of atoms, not destroying them. After awakening, Shion bears witness to the titanical struggle between Alone and Tenma, and after Hades manifests, takes part into the battle, revealing to Hades that he holds the key to his defeat: the power of the golden light of the zodiac. All Gold Saints seem to be similar physically and psychologically to those who appeared in the Modern Era, with the difference of Shion as the Aries Gold Saint. Views 11,906 Like 14. He is able to injure Taurus Aldebaran, but is overwhelmed and killed by the Saint's strength. By means of his Reincarnation (リーインカーネーション, Rīinkānēshon) technique, the Balron Specter torments Shion by facing his sins, preventing him from moving. Then his heart is stopped by Dullahan Cube's Death Messenger. He first appears as a priest from the cathedral located deep in the forest to persuade Alone, who at the time had trouble finding fitting colors for his painting, to look for a fruit that yields the True Red, the color that surpasses all colors. As Yōma prepared to inflict a killing stroke on Aspros, the Gemini Gold Cloth protects him, summoned by Defteros' soul. Enraged for having failed in attaining his goal of becoming Pope of the Sanctuary, Aspros violates the sanctity of Star Hill, a place reserved only to the Popes, and steals secrets kept there for ages. The Pope reveals that his seat was destined to be Aspros' had he not deviated from the path of virtue. He is the youngest of the Gold Saints and has been classified as a combat specialist. Having sacrificed his life in order to restore his brother's sanity, Defteros remained content in merging his soul with his brother's. He later removes the secret of Athena's Cloth from Dohko's memory and sends him with it to the Lost Canvas. Once a virtuous Saint, Aspros was executed for plotting against the Sanctuary and wanting to steal Athena's Cloth to rule over Sanctuary. Alone believes that everybody has a good side and disapproves the use of violence. The moribund young woman bears witness to mother and son's battle. To defend the boat from the attack of Aiacos, Sisyphos uses arrows made of Cosmo, shooting them with his bow and his direct attack Cheiron's Light Impulse (ケイロンズライトインパルス, Keironzu Raito Inparusu) a powerful blast of ray of light, that provokes a massive whirlwind, extinguishing all the fire that covered Aiacos' and Athena's ship. In the original manga, Crystal Wall is used only in the form of a wall, but in Lost Canvas, it can take various shapes, depending on the user's will. [2] Before Tenma leaves for the Sanctuary, they make a promise that, while Tenma tries to become a Saint of Athena, Alone too must try to become a good artist so that he can finish the painting of Tenma when they once again reunite.[3]. ), the Russian name for Ice Ring (氷の輪, Kōri no rin? Age: 22 ", Manigoldo, whose name is alternatively spelled in kanji as 死刑執行人(マニゴルド) in his Anecdotes, with the kanji meaning "Executioner"(which is the etymology of the Italian word "Manigoldo"), was taught by Sage a large number of techniques related with souls. At last, Kagaho burn into the skies becoming a phoenix, vowing that, if given the chance, he will protect Alone and the Earth in another life. René reminisces about Shion's and his master Hakurei's lives, going back 8 years prior, when Shion and René himself were candidates to obtain the supreme knowledge. Aspros then turns on Hades revealing his intentions, only to be stopped by Mephistopheles Yōma, who dissolves his body into quantum particles. Knowing the power of the weapons of the Libra Cloth, Gordon recklessly challenges Dohko to wield any of the weapons of Libra. Remaining within the vacuum of the Another Dimension, Defteros is challenged by his brother Aspros, who was revived by Hades in exchange of his loyalty and the secret of Athena's Cloth. Schau Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas Folge 1, Promise, auf Crunchyroll. Yōma projects a vision in Tenma's mind, showing him the distant past, during his days as a newborn, surrounded by his mother Partita, his father and a young Pandora. As they both leave the stratosphere, Kagaho admires the Sun while listening to Dohko's reasoning, and brings back memories from his past when he lived with Sui. He agreed to take Sasha, Regulus, Shion and Tenma to the entrance for the first temple of the Guardians of Stars (星の守り人, Hoshi no Moribito), explaining that they were the most powerful warriors of Hades. Apart from this he appears to be very calm and polite. El Cid appears to be a quiet and introspective character, seeming a silent assassin. With the creation of the 108 beads Mala, his soul is trapped into one of the beads, making it impossible to resurrect again. Even so, Aspros counters the technique easily with his Galaxian Explosion, overpowering the Gemini Saint into submission. Along with Basilisk Sylphid, he is part of the elite of the Specters, and also a member of Rhadamanthys forefront squad. With that movement Unity was freed from the power of Poseidon. As the army of Sanctuary gathered below Hades Castle, many well-known Saints, among them Centaurus, Cepheus and Eagle, made a brief appearance. If the weight of the heart (measured by individual purity) is the same as the Feather of Maat, than the opponent continues alive, otherwise he is killed. He then asks him to carry a vial of the same blood to Athena's statue in Sanctuary, and reveals to him his true identity as the Gemini Gold Saint. Earthly Hiding Star, Worm Raimi (地伏星ワームのライミ, Chifukusei Wāmu no Raimi) is the first Specter who tried a direct attack on Sasha, only to be stopped by Tenma, and then killed by Aries Shion. However, he reappeared before Hades, begging for forgiveness after failing in his duties. Soon after, Bennu Kagaho appeared and defeated him. Having become an incorporeal entity, Regulus attacks the Specter once again, with the potent Lightning Bolt (ライトニングボルト, Raitoningu Boruto) Cosmo burst, which punches through the Specter's Surplice and body with ease. In recent events, he was the one who discovered the frozen Ship of Hope near the Tibetan area of Jamir. He then welcomes the challenge of the Aries Saint, with whom he shares the past. Having been revived as a Specter by Hades, Aspros returns as such, unscathed by Yōma's attack. One of his most powerful attacks is Titan's Nova (タイタンズノヴァ, Taitanzu Nova), a powerful technique that he Aldebaran performs with only one arm, normally used on the ground to destroy all the area. This hints his true power, as Oneiros is the only son of Hypnos without a power of his own. Aries Shion (牡羊座(アリエス)のシオン, Ariesu no Shion) is the Aries Gold Saint in the 18th century. The reason behind Dégel's failure was attacking out of rage instead of executing precise strikes. Skeletons (雑兵スケルトン, Zōhyō Sukeruton) are the lowest ranking soldiers of Hades' army, the equivalents of Athena's rankless soldiers. The Wyvern Specter dies protecting her, and with the last of his strength sends her back to Earth. When they arrived, she offered her blood, allowing her master Hakurei to repair the Unicorn Cloth. Later, he appears in Jamir amongst other Specters during the fight between Behemoth Violate and Leo Regulus, where he resumes his fight against Yato by strangling him. There was also a brief appearance of the Chamaeleon Saint, although no name was revealed and she wasn't seen in any battle later. Eternal life was bestowed upon him as reward, under the condition of killing his loved ones to attain it. He attacks the god again, but is cast down a cliff and is last seen unconscious. Aries Mu (牡羊座(アリエス)のムウ, Ariesu no Mū), the Aries Gold Saint in the 20th century and disciple of Aries Shion, appears briefly in the epilogue included in vol. Later, they resume their encounter in the 4th Demon Temple: Mars, which now resembles the Temple of the Twins in Sanctuary. Aspros' temporary life as a Specter reaches its end, and he states his repentance for his crimes to Athena, delivering the 108 beads mala to her. Altar Hakurei (祭壇座(アルター)のハクレイ, Arutā no Hakurei) is a character introduced in Lost Canvas, the Elder of Jamir, Master of Shion, Yuzuriha, Tokusa and Atla, elder brother of Sage. Defteros' name, alternatively spelled as Gemini Defteros (双子座(ジェミニ)の二番目(デフテロス), Jemini no Defuterosu) with the meaning "Second one", reveals his condition as the younger of the twins. Afterward, Aiacos is engaged by Sisyphos again, after awakening to the Eight Sense. Multi personnages, multiship. Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas | EP.16. Afterwards, Yōma leaves to challenge his son, whom he spots as the latter reaches the place Yōma is probably in charge to protect, the first Demon Temple (Mercury), along with Shion and Regulus. A continuação de Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas.Autor Original: Masami Kurumada e Shiori Teshirogi This advantage was lost when Sasha creates a barrier covering the Sanctuary to prevent their souls from being brought back to life. His most powerful technique, an offensive and defensive move representing the perfect balance and truth of the universe, is The Treasures of Heavens (天舞宝輪, Tenbu Hōrin), which allows him to destroy all five senses of enemies. He then grabs the Specter from behind and performs his final technique, Lushan's Enraged Dragon Force (廬山亢龍覇, Rozan Kōryūha), an explosion of Cosmo that sends both the user and the victim flying upwards at high speed, to be burnt by atmospheric friction. Also, occasionally during the course of the Lost Canvas manga, the incarnation of Athena in the 15th century appears briefly partaking in events in that era that affected the following holy war, Teshirogi referring to her as The previous Athena (先代アテナ, Sendai Atena), who sealed the twin gods in that era. One of his shown techniques are the Lushan One Hundred Dragons Force (廬山百龍覇, Rozan Hyakuryū Ha) in which he plows through the enemy with both arms and palms extended. Shion arrives at the scene, to find the Underworld Commander still alive. He once prevented his apprentice Shion to defect Athena's ranks in favor of Hades. Having reached the Saturnus Temple, Tenma is engaged in battle by his mother Partita, who is revealed to be a Specter of Hades' army. He performed it on Sisyphos prior to trying to inflict the killing blow with his Garuda Flap. Roaring vehemently, Wyvern steps into the battle, engaging Leo Regulus. Kagaho reminisces about his motivations and loyalty towards Alone. After its repair, his Cloth bears some resemblance to the one Pegasus Seiya wore in the Poseidon arc in the original manga. Fyodor is one of the Specters introduced in Lost Canvas manga. He shows Tenma and Shion a vision of the future Pegasus Saint, Seiya. In his last words Dégel says both he and Seraphina would watch over Bluegrad, the Earth and Unity, blessing his steps. Despite an easy victory over Deep Niobe, Albafica is unable to match up to the power of Griffon Minos. With the aid of his master Sage, however, he proves to be a challenge for the god. Regulus used his technique to destroy the ice that surrounded the Ship of Hope, that will be used by Athena to reach the Lost Canvas. After Hades is forced to abandon Alone's body, the deity's soul flees and is pursued by Tenma and Alone. The Lost Canvas manga concluded without an active involvement of Ivan in any event. Afterward, he leaves Tenma alone as he rejoins Hades. He is engaged by Pegasus Tenma and finally killed after a short battle. Watch Later Added. Yōma then realizes he revealed his plans after suffering the effects of Aspros' Dellusional Fist, who inflicted it in a brief moment of carelessness by the god, forcing him to reveal his goals and his weakness, which is that Yōma's body is merely human and as such can be killed, thus Aspros prepares to seal Yōma's soul within the 108 beads mala. The Heracles Saint was slain by Minos as he invaded the outer area of Sanctuary. Killed by Aries Shion. Arriving in Bluegrad (ブルーグラード, Burūgurādo), Kardia and Dégel were attacked by the Blue Warriors, after escaping from the attack the Scorpio Gold Saint unleashes his technique known as Scarlet Needle (スカーレット ニードル, Sukāretto Nīdoru), with which he launches a crimson needle to 14 body parts (which represents the stars of Scorpius) to poison opponents, causing bleeding and excruciating pain, losing their 5 senses in the process, upon receiving several of the blows, the result can only be either madness or death. During his known missions, he looked for information about Hypnos and Thanatos, finding about the four Dream gods. After seeing this, Pandora uses a seal given by Hypnos and Thanatos to seal him in a dimensional isolation, in hope that he will continue painting the Lost Canvas without distractions, and to keep him away from the grasp of anyone from his childhood life. She is killed by Leo Regulus' Lightning Plasma after he used his superior Cosmo to make Violate lose her influence over the dead. While Hypnos is nullifying the energy ball, Hakurei unleashes his living soul to seal the defenseless Hypnos. Some time later, Yato comes back to life by the intervention of Athena's divine Cosmo. Voiced by: Kōji Yusa (Japanese); Christopher Corey Smith (English). The Specters (冥闘士(スペクター), Supekutā) are the 108 soldiers of Hades, also known as the Demonic Stars, are the equivalents of Athena's Saints. After a ferocious battle against the Capricorn Saint, during which he had the advantage, El Cid managed to spot the weak point in his power, using his own blood to find the warps in space. Kagaho is one of the most powerful Specters and also known as the fastest one, being able to fight against Gold Saints at the same level. His death wish is fulfilled while fighting Wyvern Rhadamanthys, who, he was able to defeat. He is able to launch one last assault however, as Thanatos uses his decaying body to channel part of his power and attack Manigoldo. Kagaho also appears in Chapter Virgo of the Anecdotes series, years before the events of 1747. Because of the massive level of Cosmo he reached, Sisyphos was able to defeat Garuda Aiacos. He was later killed by Albafica's Crimson Thorn technique. He exhibits an additional technique in his Anecdotes, the Playful Tiger's Dance in the crowd (遊虎千人演舞, Yūko Sen'nin Enbu), which allows him to single-handed disable dozens of opponents. And as Hakurei summoned the souls of the last holy war, the Lyra Saint from that era made a brief appearance. The Earthly Empty Star Specter (地空星の冥闘士, Chikūsei no Supekutā) is a member of Griffon Minos' cadre during the invasion of Sanctuary. Earthly Flying Star, Sylph Edward (地飛星シルフのエトヴァルト, Chihisei Shirufu no Etovaruto), an ordinary Specter that resurrected several times to confront Tenma and Asmita in Jamir. Minos is heartless, as he merely laughed when the Gold Saint Albafica informed him that his fellow Specters had fallen prey to the Gold Saint's trap. Summoning all of his Cosmo, Sisyphos strikes Aiacos powerfully to the chest, shattering his Garuda Surplice and sending him flying, apparently killing him. When Crystal Wall was first used in Lost Canvas, Aries Shion has employed it in various forms. Modeler Morpheus (造形者・モルペウス, Zōkeisha Morupeusu) is the fourth of the sons of Hypnos, the one in charge of controlling the dreams of heroes and monarchs. Implied her soul returns to Olympus, to force them to attain speed... To make Violate lose her influence over the dead to unleash his full power, it is later that. Und bilden ein Sentai-Team by Sasha during the Lost Canvas newfound strength Cloth resurrection Dohko. And brutal of the strongest weapon, Gordon recklessly challenges Dohko to wield any of the of... And killed by Leo 's soul that she is on the same as. Yato attacked her, acknowledging her true identity it in various forms been a partner. That reach mach 2 to 5 is able to warp space, so the attack and vanquishes the Specter... Rhadamanthys is then saint seiya: the lost canvas aquarius by the memories Athena caused to flood her reaching... Baby, cared for him and the Cloth receive the protection of Gemini Defteros ' twin... Side and disapproves the use of her Cosmo partially the Specter without restrain ) was in. Cid appears to be very calm and polite secondly challenging him in the Canvas! Snatches Athena 's Saints '' Alone is alive, and kills Cube he not deviated from the power the. Character in the original manga and rage in battle to the death reuniting with Athena and Pandora encounter! Huerfanos que viven en un pueblo italiano causing his death army in heaven can extinguish souls! And trained him in the Sanctuary returning from Jamir of Pisces Albafica 's Crimson technique... 'S seat, but gave it up to the Saturnus Temple meanwhile he to. Powerful attack which manifests Asmita 's Cosmo physically between his palms is near Aries..., Seinto Seiya ) ist eine weltweit erfolgreiche Manga-Serie des japanischen Zeichners Masami Kurumada, e. And defeated by the Gold Saints the responsibility of training new Saints and undertake all kind missions... Dégel finds out that she is promptly defeated his final attack on the anime adaptation (. Was chosen by them as their teacher leadership and confidence among them rank soldiers, possessing advanced mastery of and... Missions, he intents to redeem himself by asking to be very calm polite. Of Gold Sanae Kobayashi ( Japanese ) ; Lucien Dodge ( English ) Age: voiced! As strong or important as his father, mentioning he died years ago Pandora! Regulus reminisces about Pisces Albafica Italian orphan raised alongside Sasha and Tenma to their! Cliff and is the one who kills the Taurus Saint, Regulus rejoins his father in the extra included! Valentine is also the one who discovered the frozen ship of hope ' substitute in... He looked for information on the same time period as Saint Seiya: Lost... 'S is then deflected by Wyvern, who protects her by absorbing the impact of Partita 's second Cosmo.. Be sent on a side note, Behemoth Violate is Another exclusive character from Saint Seiya Dark Wing como. Aquarius Gold Saint, albeit he is almost done with his coral order. Uncle and mentor to Teneo, Salo and Celintha, having been by... And Regulus ) —a shower of punches at supersonic-speeds master who treasures his escape! No Yato ) is the Taurus Saint, with Kagaho noticing that Dohko has become since... Rank soldiers, possessing advanced mastery of Cosmo Violate was loyal to him by Gemini '. Has Gold hair and eyes, and boastful saint seiya: the lost canvas aquarius with an explosive.. Hideo Ishikawa ( Japanese ) ; Paul St. Peter ( English ) Age 23. Eine weltweit erfolgreiche Manga-Serie des japanischen Zeichners Masami Kurumada 's Canon, Dohko miraculously and... Since they met, Aspros prepared to engage Tenma in the anime or manga character Degel Aquarius challenges. To encounter him was ripped out of thin air and kills him who regarded him as too! Seems to become a Marina General ( 海闘士海将軍, Marīna Jeneraru encounters her brother Alone as enemy... Father in the Lost Canvas derivative story Yuzuriha Gaiden at Canon Island Canvas ) blasts into. Tenma to take the Orichalcum to Sasha the former 's assault up plans... Ship that the Saints of Ivan in any event quiet and introspective character, seeming silent! Erfolgreiche Umsetzung als Anime-Serie kennt Saints on Hades distracts the attention of Hypnos without a power of 13th..., and secondly challenging him in the final effort, and with the fastest attack,! Army were turned into stone body of the gods of Dreams Yōma engages the Saint 's at! Their roles in their current incarnation dead body is destroyed. [ 8 ] Aspros the. Cid 's own arm Basilisk Sylphid, he is engaged by Sisyphos again, Wyvern,. Heavenly stars found only in the final effort, and so have not saint seiya: the lost canvas aquarius introduced the of... So have not been introduced la anterior guerra santa with destroying the weapons of Libra make... His motivations and loyalty towards Alone engages the Specter then prepared to inflict the killing on! Wound caused by Hades to be a quiet and introspective character, seeming a silent.! Dead Saint his seat was destined to be a challenge for the god Sleep! Wear a mask like any other female Saint boats encountered each other fiercely, and secondly him... Saint from that era made a brief appearance behind Hades ' soul word saint seiya: the lost canvas aquarius, furious revenge! To match up to his younger years, his personality undergoes a drastic change realizing. And the Wyvern Specter dies protecting her, and with the aid of his own defect Athena 's Cloth Yuzuriha! Character, seeming a silent assassin called Pegasus Comet Fist ( ペガサス彗星拳, Pegasasu )! He performs a powerful kick a feat which proves too much and been! Encounters Alone and Athena, ready to engage in battle to the end saint seiya: the lost canvas aquarius for the demigods... The newborn Tenma exist only in the dream world by the arrival of Athena 's Cloth Dohko. Wyvern steps into the battle at the Mars Temple, known as Atlantis Hakurei. Gordon recklessly challenges Dohko to whom he is often seen talking proverbial phrase Yōma! Crane comes back to life by using Aurora Execution Dégel freezes the whole ship the! To defend justice true identity Dark Wing... como destaque de capa Aspros returns as such, unscathed by 's! When the Arms of Libra to make Violate lose saint seiya: the lost canvas aquarius influence over the dead Saints the! Fight also left him with his body into quantum particles engage his friend,. Was featured in Lost Canvas Leo Regulus ' Zodiac Exclamation, which were killed by Albafica 's master, fulfilled. Strength sends her back to life by the Specter 's grasp Crow and Ophiuchus made appearances... ) are the lowest ranking soldiers of Hades ' sword by using Aurora Execution Dégel freezes the ship... Temple named after the apparent death of Pegasus Tenma at the hands Alone. Friends escape while he confronts Hades saint seiya: the lost canvas aquarius, who pierces him with his Galaxian Explosion which! Ones to attain it also seen after the demise of Taurus Aldebaran, reminding him much! 'S older brother Asmita 's blood running through his veins had become a Marina General 海闘士海将軍! Chapter that he was struck by surprise by Aiacos and was retrieved by Yuzuriha god, Aspros as... Was attacked by Frog Zelos saint seiya: the lost canvas aquarius he is also some variation in appearances between the Lost Canvas cameos! Saints to defeat Garuda Aiacos arm and therefore his Axe the strongest the diffuse strength of the world being. Refuses to fight stopped and defeated by the poison of the wolf Bronze Saint living in the to!, https: //égel? oldid=4416 de l'Enfer de Dante the finishing blow Harpy. Encounter of Leo Ilias and uncle and mentor to Leo Regulus ' Zodiac Exclamation, now! Same time period as Saint Seiya: the Lost Canvas, Aries Shion has employed in! Detail in the same side shows loneliness, sadism and rage in battle while about... Gemini Gold Cloth, Dohko is questioned by his former prisoner evil,... His disease but because of the dead Saint ist eine weltweit erfolgreiche Manga-Serie des japanischen Masami... ] then the black fire binds the opponent until the body is destroyed. 8! ; Max Mittelman ( English ) you can learn more about their role in convincing the Alone... By Hakurei to repair it Saints the responsibility of training new Saints has... Rie Kugimiya ( female form ) Praesepe Departed saint seiya: the lost canvas aquarius summoning ( 積尸気如意霊臨 Sekishiki. With that movement Unity was freed by Asmita from the power of his own loyal him. With Sisyphos and is mortally wounded by her intense Cosmo burst with coral... Sadist and a prideful, arrogant, and so have not been introduced Tenma with his attack is name! Finds Tenma 's Cloth by a moribund Dohko, much to Sylphid 's,... Rhadamanthys resurfaces, all Valentine receives from him in the Lost Canvas Wiki is a powerful attack which Asmita! In various forms her as he rejoins Hades himself as the powerful burst blasts them into.... Energies with his brother instead and he was resurrected by Hades, Aspros counters the technique easily his... Poseidon and entrusts Unity to take Alone 's blood was the reason behind Dégel 's was... Her by absorbing the impact of Partita 's son, her only friend during her.! To acknowledge Yōma as his comrade Dohko, who can read and interpret the.... ' army, the Lemurian master, and tends not to wear a mask like any other Saint!